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John is cheating on Ann—he is sleeping with Ann's sister, Cynthia, a free-spirited and friendly bartender. John frequently leaves his law office mid-day to meet for trysts with Cynthia, instructing his secretary to reschedule clients, even when they are already in the lobby waiting to see him. After Graham finds a place, Ann makes an impromptu visit to Graham's apartment.While visiting she notices stacks of camcorder videotapes, all with women's names on them around the television., the film focuses on interviews and testimony from sex abuse victims, including former child stars Corey Feldman and Todd Bridges.It will also reportedly examine sex abuse accusations leveled at various high-level entertainment executives, including talent managers Marty Weiss, Michael Harrah, and Bob Villard, who represented a young Leonardo Di Caprio before pleading no contest to felony charges of committing a lewd act on a child in 2005. One of the victims included in the film is Michael Egan, who withdrew several sex abuse lawsuits against In a statement, executive producer Gabe Hoffman defended Egan’s inclusion in the film, saying the scope of his involvement extends only to accusations made against Marc Collins-Rector, the Digital Entertainment Network (DEN) founder who pleaded guilty in 2004 to luring five minors across state lines for sex.He is now a seeming drifter with some money saved up.

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“Those lawsuits, subsequently withdrawn, were filed well after, and completely independently from, his participation in “Clearly, Egan has experience great difficulties in his life following the sexual abuse he suffered while a teenager at DEN,” Hoffman added.

Later Cynthia also tells John about her videotape and he also reacts very negatively (though more than a little possessively).

Cleaning her home the next day, Ann discovers Cynthia's pearl earring in her bedroom (she knows the earring belongs to her sister, since she had mentioned that she had lost it) while vacuuming. She heads over to Graham's apartment with the intention of making a videotape.

When pressed, Graham explains that he interviews women about their lives, sexual experiences, and fantasies, and records them on videotape.

After hearing Graham, Ann is suddenly overcome with shock and confusion, and quickly leaves his apartment.

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